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Post Info TOPIC: South Korea has a robotic "Super Gun" the Super Aegis 2 and India claims they will have a hypersonic missile in 2012

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Date: Feb 16, 2011
South Korea has a robotic "Super Gun" the Super Aegis 2 and India claims they will have a hypersonic missile in 2012
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1. Billed by its manufacturers DoDaam of South Korea as a "Total Security Solution," the Super Aegis is an automated turret system that supports a variety of weapons, from a standard machine-gun to a surface-to-air missile.

It is designed to repel an attacker from up to 3 kilometers away, using sophisticated thermal imaging software and camera systems to lock onto a human-sized target even in the dead of night

The system requires no human presence. It's all operated robotically from a distant control room.

Screenshot from a video showing a hail of shots from a supergun

DoDaam Systems Vice-President Park Sung-ho says the high-tech weapon could become an integral component in South Korea's ongoing military face-off with North Korea across the heavily armed Demilitarised Zone.

[Park Sung-ho, Vice President, Dodaam Systems]:
"We have certain circumstance where North and South Korea are confronting each other and currently soldiers are operating a lot of military equipment. If the job can be replaced by non-human guarding and monitoring robots, it could reduce the number of labour forces and military forces. And it could also reduce human losses under real combat situations."

Super aEgis 2 detects objects with two cameras: a low-light camera and a thermal imaging camera which senses body temperature.
A laser range finder and gyroscopic stabiliser keep the weapon steady in high winds.

2. Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief VK Saraswat said on Friday all sub-systems of the countrys first indigenous subsonic medium-range cruise missile Nirbhay (fearless) were almost in place and it would be ready by early next year.


Speaking at Aero India-2011, he said: Integration of the engine is under way.

The missile with a range of 1,000 km can take to the skies from multiple launchers and will arm all the three services. Nirbhay is expected to supplement the 300-km-range supersonic BrahMos.

Saraswat said an advanced version of BrahMos would be ready by 2012. The technology of the hypersonic missile call-ed BrahMos Mark-2 or BrahMos-2 was successfully lab-tested in May 2008 at a speed of 6.5 mach. The hypersonic demonstrator vehicle will attain a level flight for a ground-to-ground test at a height of 30 km before it hits the target with a speed between seven and eight mach.

The mach-8 Brahmos-2, an advanced version of the present air-launched missile, will be the countrys first hypersonic cruise missile. DRDO and Russian NPO-Mash are working on a sustained flight scramjet, which will be the core element of the Mark-2 version.

About a ballistic missile defence shield, Saraswat said the next AAD (advanced air defence) test will take place this month.

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Date: Mar 22, 2011
RE: South Korea has a robotic "Super Gun" the Super Aegis 2 and India claims they will have a hypersonic missile in 2012
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wow, South Korea is realy upping its defence technology


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